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The Vision

Our mission is to bring better design to your everyday life through jewelry - the wearable art that allows you to express yourself throughout your day.  We believe better design is thoughtful, environmentally responsible, and beautiful to look at.  The inspiration behind your jewelry combined with the process of how it was made creates a meaningful piece with a compelling story behind it.

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HELIODON (Click to Download) - Custom, personalized jewelry shaped by the sun.  Each piece shows the unique sun angle at a location, date and time chosen by you.  As a result, each piece has a different shape defined by your life's significant moments, including birthdays and wedding dates.  10% of each purchase is donated to charity.  Our current partner is the Solar Electric Light Fund (SELF), a non-profit organization that uses the power of the sun to develop and deliver innovative solar solutions in answer to the urgent needs of the world’s energy poor—giving them the opportunity to vastly improve their quality of life and pursue their dreams. 

DRAPERY (Click to Download)These pieces explore the dissolving boundary between the virtual and the physical.  Each piece is designed using a custom algorithm that simulates gravity forces on sheets of fabric, which are then draped over other virtual objects, such as chains or 3d-scanned parts of the human body. This collection embraces the idea that forces and objects that exist digitally can mold and shape tangible forms.  

PETAL (Click to Download) - In this collection, 3d-printed nylon pieces are designed as "houses" for beads.  Organic shapes allow beads to move within them or rest in a focal point.  Although the armatures are 3d-printed, the beads are added by hand, resulting in an aesthetic that blends craft and technology.  

About Caroline Quinio

New York City based architect and classical pianist Caroline Quinio has always been fascinated with the creative process and the beautiful things that result from fearless experimentation and unlikely juxtapositions.  In 2017, Caroline founded PLAITLY, a company that explores experimental technologies in jewelry design, as both an outlet for her passion for the design process and a vehicle to create meaningful objects and wearable sculptures.  PLAITLY jewelry is designed digitally using 3d-modeling software and scripting to achieve complex shapes and forms inspired by nature and the built environment.     


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