PLAITLY Interview in MESS Magazine

PLAITLY Interview in MESS Magazine

Mess Magazine sat down with New York City-based architect and founder of PLAITLY Caroline Quinio to talk about the brand’s unfiltered journey.

To read the full article, "PLAITLY: Celebrating Life in Every Piece," click here.

From the interview:

What does jewelry mean to you? 

Jewelry is wearable art.  I think of each piece as a small-scale sculpture, shaped by the design process into intricate forms that tell a story.  But, to me, jewelry is more than just pretty things – jewelry is a form of self-expression. A single piece of jewelry has the power to transform someone into the person they want to be.  Jewelry also has a kind of social agency that connects us to others and empowers us in that sense as well. 

- Caroline Quinio

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