Founder of PLAITLY quoted in Surface magazine

Apr 2, 2019

When I was asked by Surface magazine to contribute a few words on the topic of "sensory utopia", I was intrigued by the personal nature of such a universal concept.  My words kicked off the Community section of the magazine, where several creatives and design professionals share their thoughts on the magazine's theme.  If you can't read the excerpt from the magazine in the image, here's the text version of what I said: 

"These moments stand out in relation to some sort of norm.  Whether utopia is something that's perfection or ideal or not, I feel that you can only perceive it if it's directly juxtaposed to its opposite; a utopian idea is really understood and experienced as a utopian moment when juxtaposed with something dystopian, or something a little uncomfortable, even.  Utopia evokes feelings of calm and clarity, which are actually quite rare.  Because of that rarity, it is special.  Because of the strength of the chaos, the strength of the calm feels really rewarding and really nice."


- Caroline Quinio