Celebrating Your Stories: A Spotlight on Our Heliodon and Triangle Plié Pendant Necklaces

Apr 20, 2024

At PLAITLY, we believe in the beauty of storytelling through jewelry designs. Every piece of jewelry inspires a story unique to the person who wears it. Today, we’re thrilled to spotlight a few reviews of our beloved creations: the Heliodon Pendant Personalized Sun Angle Necklace and the Triangle Plié Pendant Necklace.

The Heliodon Pendant Necklace: A "Personalized Necklace Giving to Solar Power"

The Heliodon Pendant Necklace has become a favorite for its unique customization that shows the specific sun angle at a location, date and time chosen by the wearer along with an engraving of the geographic coordinates.  Its elegant simplicity and timeless appeal make it easy to wear every day.  Here is a review by Lindsay Christinee, founder of The Wellness Feed: 

"The best gifts are always those that feel personal. Think of a bouquet of your favorite flowers instead of the standard red rose or the time someone surprised you with a trip to see your favorite musician or remembered your favorite author. When someone gives a personalized gift to you, it makes you feel special. When Caroline Quinio debuted her first collection of Plaitly, a jewelry brand featuring sculptural pieces, she wanted to capture that exceptional feeling. Each collection fuses the intricate beauty of nature with modern technology to craft designs that feel fresh and unique. For those desiring a gift unlike any other, Plaitly’s Heliodon collection features bespoke pendants digitally designed to represent the sun at a specific time and place. It’s a one-of-a-kind memento for a special time and place.

When I slipped on the Heliodon personalized necklace, I instantly fell in love. It’s sleek craftsmanship makes it a piece that I can wear regularly. But, its design is also unique enough to spark conversations. I’m particularly excited to add this to my list of must-gives as I think it’d make a beautiful personalized gift for a friend who’s becoming a new mom or my grandmother."


Read the full product review on The Wellness Feed as part of a larger interview with Caroline Quinio, founder of PLAITLY, on sustainable practices in jewelry design.

The Triangle Plié Pendant Necklace: "Fusing Minimalist Style with a Touch of Attitude"

Our Triangle Plié Pendant Necklace offers a blend of geometric precision and the fluidity of dance. Its design, featuring a folded metal triangle with a delicate chain, plays on the themes of movement and balance, making it a standout piece for those who love a touch of the avant-garde in their style.

Here is a review by Menucha, founder of the blog Moms and Crafters: 

"New moms experience changes to their body. I know I tend to feel less than pretty myself postpartum, and there’s nothing like a new piece of jewelry to help me feel more like getting up and getting dressed.

And you know I’m a big fan of anything artsy, especially from small businesses!

PLAITLY’s Drapery collection was made by studying the drapery and organic folds in ballerina’s costumes. It’s both elegant and artsy, a unique combination that is just so classy, without being boring!

It’s perfect for layering or for wearing on its own, fusing minimalist style with a touch of attitude."

Read the full review on Moms and Crafters here


Here is another review by Carolann, owner of the blog Sassy Townhouse Living:

"It’s not often I treat myself to a custom piece of stunning jewelry, but this time, I could not resist. When I saw this necklace from Plaitly, I knew I had to own one. This unique and beautiful Triangle Plié Pendant Plated in 18K Gold features a detailed hand-polished piece with a beautiful glossy finish.

Furthermore, every time I wear it, the compliments flow in, followed by, where did you get that? This pendant is available in three sizes suited to your style. More so, regarding gift exchange ideas, you can’t go wrong with this unique and stunning pendant."


Read the full review on Sassy Townhouse Living here

 If you’ve been inspired by these stories of the Heliodon and Triangle Plié pendants, or if you’re simply curious to see them for yourself, we invite you to click the links below to view each product. See how they can add a unique touch to your jewelry collection:

 We look forward to seeing how you make these pieces your own!

Don’t forget to share your moments and stories with us by tagging @plaitly on your social media posts! Your story is our story, and together, we create beauty that resonates and endures. Join us in this journey of expression and elegance with PLAITLY.