Our Story

Life moves fast. In the motion blur of each day, what catches your eye? It’s not necessarily the biggest or the loudest. It speaks to you on another level. You can sense its story at a glance, without hearing the words spoken out loud. Within the sea of everything around you that you cannot control, how do you find the things to hold on to that anchor you and truly define you?

Our jewelry celebrates individuality as a collection of experiences woven together that make you who you are.  We care about your voice and the mark you want to leave on the world. One of our core beliefs is that all people are shaped by the invisible forces in our lives that make each one of us unique. For that reason, we design jewelry with expressive forms and interesting material qualities so that you can find what resonates with your unique style. PLAITLY jewelry is for women who are creatives at heart, passionate about design, and appreciate meaningful stories behind their jewelry.

A key part of that story is the history behind the materials used.  Our metals are ethically sourced.  We strive to use metals obtained through alternative methods from traditional mining, which can have detrimental effects on the environment.  We use recycled metals to minimize the environmental impact of our jewelry.  Our metals are nickel-free and free of all toxic elements including lead and cadmium, making our jewelry a preferred choice for people with metal allergies or sensitive skin.  All of our jewelry are locally made in NYC in small batches, produced when you place an order to minimize material waste.  Although our lead times range from 10-15 days to make your order, we believe that excellence  in design and craftsmanship takes time, resulting in a high-quality piece.

Our jewelry embraces human connections and the unseen ways we influence each other in our daily lives. We donate a percentage of our sales to non-profit organizations doing good in the world that we are proud to stand by. Currently, 10% of our Heliodon Collection sales are donated to the Solar Electric Light Fund (SELF), a non-profit organization that uses the power of the sun to develop and deliver innovative solar solutions in answer to the urgent needs of the world’s energy poor—giving them the opportunity to vastly improve their quality of life and pursue their dreams. 

Through materializing the immaterial, PLAITLY jewelry is shaped by invisible forces.


Caroline Quinio photograph
New York City based architect and classical pianist Caroline Quinio has always been fascinated with the creative process and the beautiful things that result from fearless experimentation and unlikely juxtapositions.  In 2017, Caroline founded PLAITLY, a company that explores emerging technologies in jewelry design, as both an outlet for her passion for the design process and a vehicle to create meaningful objects and wearable sculptures.  PLAITLY jewelry has been featured in various fashion magazines, including ELLE, Harper's Bazaar, Vogue, GQ, Glamour, and House of Coco.  PLAITLY is internationally recognized and has exhibited work in the Fuorisalone during Milan Design Week and the Artistar Jewels Contemporary Jewelry Exhibition during Milan Fashion Week in Italy.  PLAITLY has also appeared in local events, such as Brooklyn Designs during NYCxDESIGN, the Chelsea Fashion and Film Festival in New York City, the SolStreet Pop-Up Markets in Brooklyn and Manhattan, and the FAD (Fashion, Art, Design) Market in New York City.  Caroline holds a Master's degree in Architecture from Columbia University.